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Association Locale Développement Tourisme Montagne - ALDPS of Val d'Isère, a professional federation ruled by the March 21st, 1884 law.
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The Team Val d'Isère : +33 4 79 06 02 34

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This prohibition applies no matter the method of reproduction, representation and/or modification, and no matter the duration.

All authorised usage of elements forming or appearing on the website and belonging to The Team Val d'Isère has to be done without denaturation, modification or any distortion.

During your visits on the website of The Team Val d'Isère, The Team Val d'Isère can be required to ask you some pieces of information about you in order to identify you or to offer personalised services and to be attentive to your needs. 

Thus, your name and email address can be asked, especially if you ask to contact us through the The Team Val d'Isère website.

Some pieces of information about you will have to be communicated so that you can access to the relevant service. Compulsory data are signaled by an asterisk. In case of reservation, please see our general terms and conditions to know our data processing policy. 

In the context of services offered by The Team Val d'Isère, The Team Val d'Isère is required to collect personal data to create the present contract and only to this end.

The Team Val d'Isère handles those data with the upmost confidentiality. 

The user is informed, in compliance with the article 32 of the Informatics & Liberty law of January 6th, 1978 modified, that data they communicate to the Syndicat Local des Moniteurs du Ski Français de Val d'Isère, especially through the Internet form on the esf Val d'Isère website, are necessary to answer their demands and are reserved for the Syndicat Local des Moniteurs du Ski Français de Val d'Isère, as the manager of data processing, for administrative management and sales purposes.  

The Team Val d'Isère commits to not sharing these data to any third party (data communicated by the user are exclusively used by The Team Val d'Isère in the context of the creation of the contract).

The Team Val d'Isère keeps data until the user asks to delete their account. 

In compliance with the measures from article 38 and following the 78-17 law of January 6th 1978 regarding informatics, files and liberties, any user has the right to access, modify, delete and contest their personal data. To do so, mail The Team at: contact@offpiste-team-travel or write at this address: THE TEAM at ESF - Carrefour des Dolomites, 73150 Val-d'Isère.

The Team Val d'Isère considers personal data such as name, address, email, phone number as private and confidential data. 

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Hyperlinks present on the website taking users towards other websites do not engage the responsibility of The Team Val d'Isère regarding the content of these websites. 

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Putting a link towards our website does not require an authorisation. The Team Val d'Isère absolve itself from any responsibility in such a case.

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