safety first

we are here to teach you how to ski safely

During your outings in Val d'Isère, our instructors will teach you how avalanche transceivers work, what to do and safety procedures in case of an avalanche.
to anticipate
  • ON MONDAYS: At the end of the skiing day, our instructors give a lecture about avalanche safety and teach you how to use a safety gear in the ESF Kindergarten chalet.

  • FIRST DAY OF YOUR STAY: Your instructor or guide will teach you how to use avalanche gear such as avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel.

  • EVERY DAY: Instructions are given to all participants to look for suspicious signs and anticipate danger: snow analysis, descent advice, best itineraries...
Your safety gear
  • AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER: Our digital devices have 3 ARVA antennas and work on a 357 kHz frequency.

  • SAFETY GEAR: Each instructor or guide possesses everything to ensure group safety: radio, medical kit, tool kit, shovel, probe, survival blanket....).

  • AIRBAG: It is one of the most important safety devices as it increases your chance of survival in case of an avalanche. It prevents you from being buried under the snow.

If you happen to have your own safety gear, please bring it
a different gear
for each activity
  • An Airbag is compulsory for heliskiing.

  • An ARVA Airbag is included in every ski tour or off-piste outings. Except during springtime.

For other activities, it is not compulsory to ski with an airbag but it is highly recommended. You can rent one in some mountain shops.