at the heart of spectacular landscapes...

Located 300km north of the Arctic Circle, this archipelago of 500 square kilometers is a jumble of mountainous islands. Imagine the Aiguilles of Chamonix emerging from the ocean! Between blue and black of the seabed with summits culminating between 700m and 1,085m, we stride across massifs from a camp based on the seashore.
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From this fishing harbour full of boats and wooden houses, Henningsvaer is the place of holiday of this quality trip. From these brightly colored houses on stilts, this peace haven gives a particular taste to your trip! 

The natural activities are not lacking: jagged summits, fjords, the observation of northern lights and the sea eagle, they set an atypical and unique scenery where snow and ski slopes make one. 
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what about the snow?
NIVOLOGIC AND meteorological conditions 
It is in March and April that the days are long enough to enjoy day-long hikes. 

The quantity of snow is often substantial and the snow quality remains generally powdery while temperatures become pleasing.

But, because of the localisation, you have to be ready to face snow storms, wind, sun and plenitude moments... The weather changes quickly and it is not a myth!
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SKI touring
8 DAys
in the lofoten islands
Go to Norway and discover a wild nature through diverse itineraries with an alpine ski instructor or a high-mountain guide.
From level:
(see LEVEL page).
From half March to April 2021  
4 to 5 people
Rate per person: 
From 2000€ (without plane ticket)
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Norwegian trip 
1st day:
Fight to base airport / Oslo / Svolvaer Helle airports.
Minibus transportation to Henningsvaer (30-minute ride)
Checking in a fisher house then dinner. 
2nd DAY: pilan-sautind
Let's start with a short outing to check the weather conditions. First ascent to the Pilan col (700 meters high). 200-meter descent before starting another ascent to Sautind, located between two sea sounds.
Timeframe: 3.30 hours to 4.30 hours
Total ascent: 1100 meters.
3rd DAY: Varden East-west
This outing allows you to ski between the two opposite Varden valleys. From Oldenfjorden, the ascent on the western side leads to the col (700 meters high), then the descent on the eastern side will lead you to the Stor-Kongsvatnet lake. On your way back, the other valley called Stordind offers you another itinerary to the fjord.
Timeframe: 4 to 5 hours.
Total ascent: 1150 meters.
4th DAY: Rundjellet
The Rundjellet summit is 803 meters high. It offers a 360° vision on the valley and many different itineraries. From Storvassbotnen, you will ski to the top, where the view is breathtaking. After this first ascent, a second ascent will lead you to the col (400 meters high) where you can ski down on the Nothern side on fresh powder snow.
Timeframe: 4 hours to 4.30 hours
Total ascent: 1200 meters.
5th DAY: Himmeltindane
After an hour-long ride, we will get to the Western side of the Lofoten Islands. The contrast is striking with the Eastern side as the plains and farmers make the most of the scenery. The level of this outing is not difficult and will leave you time to admire the view on the ocean. This outing ends near a sand beach.
Timeframe: 3.30 to 4 hours
Total ascent: 931 meters.
6th DAY: Geitgaljetind
Geitgaljetind is one of the most famous summits of Lofoten (1085 meters high). It is the highest summit which combines a circular itinerary. This outing is more technical than the previous ones.
This outing will take you to a spectacular fjord. Minibus transportation back to the hotel after a walk through the forest skis off.
A different itinerary with a 400-meter ascent is possible before the ascension to the col.
Timeframe: 5.30 to 6 hours
Total ascent: 1000 meters.
7th DAY: Torksmanenn / Breitind
Those summits are in the middle of a circular itinerary.
This itinerary combines different landscapes and activities.
Timeframe: 4.30 to 5 hours
Total ascent: 1300 meters
8th DAY:
Flight back in the morning.
  • Hotel: 7 nights in a dormitory or a private room in a lodge.  
  • Full board (local cuisine): breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Transportation airport-lodge.
  • Minibus transportation all week-long.
  • A certified ski instructor or certified mountain guide (UIAGM).
  • Safety gear (airbag, DVA, probe, shovel).
  • Plane tickets and luggage possible taxes.
  • Personal and travel insurances. 
  • Snacks and beverages.
  • Personal gear.
  • The fare for single rooms in the hotel.
  • Tips 
  • Police and sanitary fees.